You got to know the model and photographer from our last PUD post; now meet the owner and his car.
We asked owner Paul Howell to drop us the 411 on his immaculate ride and this is what he kicked down with.
Devon Douglas  Paul Howell

“Well first off I sure wouldnt call it immaculate! Lol. Definitely a drivers car. It’s a late model ’76 tagged as a ’77 which has the high deck in the hatch. Bought the car in ’94 in Portland, OR. I used it as a daily driver for about 10 years. It’s a factory ac car but all the components are removed. 5 speed out of ’79 ZX. Fuel injection went out a few years ago and replaced with triple 45 Webers, pulls way harder! 2 1/2 exhaust out to a flowmaster. Coated header from Motorsport. My dad and I painted it ’98 BMW Harbor Blue in his garage 3 years ago.”
Devon Douglas 6
Paul Howell 2
Devon Douglas 2

We have to say with daily drivers like this sporting tasteful modifications, owners and family members such as Paul and his dad, there’s no doubt these classics will be around for generations to come.
With owners, photographers and models who are also enthusiasts, classic J-tin will continue to flourish and be appreciated as the rolling artwork they truly are. Enjoy the rest of the photoshoot Below.

Model: Devon Douglas
Owner ’77 Datsun 280Z: Paul Howell
Photographer: Luis Berrios of Cars Pix

~ Strafe ~ for DPAN GT

Devon Douglas 5Paul Howell 3

Devon Douglas 7Devon Douglas 8Devon Douglas 6Paul HowellDevon Douglas 4