DPAN GT and Neet Perspective Photography are excited to announce the first ever DPAN project car!

Introducing Project Panama!

The project car is a 510 and the build will happen in Panama. You may be wondering why Panama; don’t worry we’ll explain. There will be a series of articles written by Logan Neet of Neet Perspective chronicling the idea, the search, the reason and the build. We hope you stay tuned it’s going to be a fun build and a fun read. Most importantly this will be a group build. How is that possible when it’s happening so far away? Well, if there’s one thing I’ve learned while being a member of this community it’s that the Datsun community and specifically DPAN are family. We all love these cars, we all share a passion for them and we hope that all of you will be a part of this build whether it be by your ideas, your support or other contributions.
So without further ado, here’s the plan: The build is going to take place in two stages, stage one we pick up the car, assess it, and hopefully get it moving under its own power. Stage two is where the real fun begins, this is where we decide where we’re going to go with the car and hopefully bring the worldwide Datsun community together to build something pretty special, something we’ll all be proud of. So stay tuned, this is going to be a fun ride. We’ll keep the updates coming!

~ Words and photography by Logan Neet

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