It was a beautiful day at the Kelley Farm in Bonney Lake. When we first arrived it was a bit cloudy but it soon cleared up and the sun was shinning. Anyone who knows the Pacific Northwest, for example Seattle knows that typically it’s cloudy or raining, so we were very thankful for the sunshine.

I was excited to see plenty of Datsun Cars and Trucks representing the Pacific North West , and we can’t forget the Toyota, Honda, Volkswagen, BMW and Lada cars . It was an inviting event for all. There were families, adults young and old and even pets. People were tailgating and relaxing in the peaceful atmosphere of the Kelley Farm.

There was plenty of action. We had the opportunity to see a Scion FR-S come to the rescue of a “stanced-out” Honda Civic. I guess stance happens. Thankfully no life’s were lost.

Time to get back to the cars now, since that’s what a car show is all about. I was impressed by the creativity and cleanliness of my fellow car enthusiasts and here are some of the cars that really stood out.

I just had to post this “Too Sexy For The Streets” Lada 1200.

You are probably wondering who won the”Best Datsun Award” and the honor went to Owner Ace Rakes and his 1972 Datsun Sunny Coupe.

This was a great show and I am looking forward to see what’s in store for next year. I hope to contribute next year with my own Old School Car. If you haven’t had the opportunity to attend I definitely recommend it. I want to send a shout out to Mike from Stance Happens and the crew of The Old School Reunion for putting on a great show!!