Fresh from the Inbox Tyler Sprigg shared his ride with us.

He revs in with, “I see that this page like to feature people’s cars so I figured I’d send one of mine. I figured with fall on it’s way this would be a cool picture. With the leaves falling off the trees some of the most beautiful spots show up when driving.

The car is a 1976 280Z with an L28ET swap. The rest is just an updated version of what it left Japan with including the factory black interior. This car is my escape, something to go out for a drive and forget the stresses of life.


It was just redone in December lol. Hasn’t had time to dirty yet. It’s kinda funny I did all that work just to rebuild the motor this winter. The cleaning of the motor revealed a slow oil leak from the head gasket haha. Runs fine; just an annoyance to me.”

This Z is a fine example of what not only a Z but what a 2+2 should be like. Not only is Tyler in tune with my personal favorite time of the year, with is gold colors and never ending Sunsets, but even the engine bay captures the spirit of these days with it’s golden accents. The P4 Squadron will be proud.

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~ Citizen Z ~