The first time I laid eyes on this gem was at this years Nissan Jam held in La Palma Park, CA. Theres something about a Silver Z sitting on Watanabes that are just pleasing to the eye. I was able to speak with Barry, the owner of this Datsun, and was blown away with how much work had gone into it. I ended up leaving that day kicking myself for not reaching out to Barry in hopes of doing a featured story on his build.RVG01472

Fast forward to the recent JCCS show in Long Beach, there she was, Barry’s silver Z parked. I was filming and covering this event and was thankful to run into Barry and this time I reached out and asked him if he ever wanted to do a feature of his build that I would love to do a photoshoot for him and viola, here we are!


Barry: Wanted a project car, my first car at 16 was a 72 datsun 510. That car was a solid SoCal car, came with a Gardena Datsun plate frame. Have always loved Datsun. Found a solid 2 owner SoCal Z that had been spray painted maroon (901 was factory color) by the second owner. Solid SoCal car, original owner had it up until 2012. I’m the 3rd owner. I wanted to resto-mod period correct – back to original 901 silver & get it strong and back out into the world good for another 46 years.

The finished Z now sports the Gardena plate frame from my 510 30 years ago.


Barry’s Datsun sports the original numbers matching L24, shipped to Rebello Racing to be built with a port-n-polished head, mild cam, big bore long rods just to name a few. Rebello offers whats known as the “Purist build” boring the L24 to 2.7L.

I love the idea of keeping the L24 especially in a numbers matching Series 1 Z.  THIS is what sets Barry’s Z apart from others in the scene! A very streetable engine built by Rebello, it’s a case of “Have your cake, and eat it too”. Following the chain down you’ll find SU Carburetors to a MSA 6-3-2 purring out of a Fujitsubo Legalis exhaust. This Z sounds AWESOME!


(Overhead shot featuring the twin SU’s sporting a heat shield)


(Rebello Racing “Purist Build” 2.7L engine)


(Rear shot featuring the Fujitsubo Legalis twin pipes exhaust)


A true display of balance, a car as sporty as this needs to have the proper suspension to zip around mountains and the track if Barry so chooses to. This Z sports 2″ sectioned struts with Ground Control weld in coilovers with KYB Excel-G MR2 inserts on the front and 240 front inserts in the rear. Techno Toy Tuning (T3) GTX2 Front & Rear LCA’s, F&R sway bars. We’ve got to agree the stance is proper!


The interior has to be one of the cleanest I’ve seen to date. Sorting through some the photos Barry sent to me during his 4 year resto-mod include photos of repairing the cracked dash and getting misc interior parts freshened up.


(Interior featuring Kameari style seats, OEM stereo unit, Grant steering wheel)


When it comes to classic cars, attention to detail is what brings a clean build over the top. I love what Barry did with his spare wheel, showcasing it the trunk as so.


This has to be one of my favorite Z’s I have came across PERIOD. It seems as if no bolt was left unturned and everything on this Z has been either replaced or restored. A perfect example of a well built period correct Z with small modern touches.

Barry, kudos and huge round of applause to you! You own a fine piece of JDM machinery. Kids, take note of how a proper Z is built.

Below I will have the full list of mods as well as build pictures.



2.7 Rebello Racing
big bore long rod
turbo pistons
turbo oil pump
port/polish head
mild cam

SU side draft – round tops
Larger/filed needles
Heat shield

Fujitsubo Legalis dual pipes
MSA 3-2 header
Heat Shield

Champ 4 row rad/shroud
Two 12″ pullers (ign on)
One 12″ pusher (toggle switch)

Kameari racing distributor and electronic ignition
Timing 35
ZX 60amp Alt
Optima Red Battery
Relay for Headlights
Relay for parking lights
Relays for fans

Electronic Holley red pump, 7 psi
Holley regulator
All new stainless fuel lines
Restored factory tank
All new tank vent hoses
Crash sensor wired into fuel pump power line (cuts out fuel pump in crash event)
Manaul fuel pump over-ride toggle

Factory caliper restoration/build, PMB Performance UT
Restored brake booster
All new stainless brake lines
Slotted rotors, race pads

Sectioned struts 2″
Powercoated crossmember, struts, brake shields
Ground Control Coil Overs
150lb front, 175lb rear Eibach springs
KYB Excel-G MR2 inserts front, 240front inserts in rear
Techno Toy Tuning GTX2 front & rear LCA’s
Front and Rear Sway Bars
New tie rods

Kameari-style buckets
Restored factory dash
Restored factory console
New carpet kit
Upgraded oil pressure and water temp gauges mounted in factory housings
Period Grant Steering wheel
All new rubber seals

Factory 4spd
Centerforce II Clutch
Factory R180 diff
Factory halfshafts
Watanabe 15×8, 15×8.5 -6

1502479557909DPAN GT Vector Logo maybe