This Datsun 240Z, proved a statement at the Santa Clara, CA. classic JDM car meet in October 2017. This is by far the fastest L Series car I’ve seen, with an an exhaust note that puts chills down your spine. As well as a clean example of how a modified Z should present itself.

Specs: L28ET Stroked to 3.2L by Rebello Racing, and modified by Z Car Garage. This car features a hand built tube frame chassis, upgraded suspension components, custom intake manifold to handle 40+ pounds of boost. The motor is capable of producing more than 500HP to the wheels, proving the 240Z’s capabilities, can in fact exceed most modern sports cars, in comparison to power to weight ratios.

Many new upgrades will take place this upcoming year be sure to follow him to keep updated with this awesome build!

Car Owner: @gixxersquid -Instagram

Photos Taken By: dustinborgphotography -Instagram