Yeah yeah I’ve had a few drinks so let’s get this started. My very first social media car friend, EVER, was Scott Burkhardt and he kept it so real with me throughout the years for a White Cat he’s damn near considered Black; and I’m a Black Guy so YES I can say that! Kiss my fucking ass sensors (Cue sound effect when someone winks at you) *dinggggggg* . So anyway, as I attempt to sober up while downing Jim Beam Vanilla & Dr. Pepper, Scott is one of those Cats whose been down in the cause since long before DPAN; yes I’m talking pre chest hair days. So if you don’t know this guy I strongly suggest you get a Brotha on your team like him.

Because unlike those flakes out there he actually cares about friends and life. And if something should happen to you and your Soul leave Earth he’ll take a 40 and pour it in the grass for your ass. (If you’re not from the States or familiar with the saying I mean Google it for GOD’S sakes. Or better yet watch “Don’t be a Menace…” on Netflix or Youtube). He’s owned “Joyce” one of the fastest Z’s in all SoCaL while handing life advice like some humbled out Yoda. Like seriously, not sure If he should be wrenching or on the pulpit. Eitherway; WiN.

Blah Blah; “words”, here’s to the strongest DBZ warrior I know, the B Day Boy and to Blue Z’s with White interiors.

Car: “Joyce” 1973 Datsun 240Z

Car Owner and Snap by Scott Burkhardt

Snap Hacked by Citizen Z

~ Citizen Z ~