DSC_0308Jeremy Gomez, a San Francisco bay area native has quite a fashionable side when it comes to his cars. Whether Jeremy is in his shop installing clear bras on a customers ride, or wrenching on one of his three Datsun classics, one thing is quite obvious, his work is the cutting edge.

A Z Car Like No Other


This car features unique attributes, such as a g-nose kit from Japan, Marugen Shoukai fender flares, genuine SSR Longchamp wheels, and a Rebello Stroker which out-performs most other Lseries engine builds across the globe.

Rebello Built 3.5L

DSC_0628.JPGThe 3.5L engine has come a long way from the original design.  With the use of a diesel LD28 block from a 81-83 Nissan Maxima (Stamped V07)  a .70 overbore was achieved by Rebello Racing Engines. With a large cam, diesel crank, flat top pistons, etc., this car is capable of producing more than double the power of the stock Lseries motors produced by Nissan. Jeremy plans to install 50mm ITB’s in the future to give this engine more airflow, pushing its horsepower and torque to even higher numbers.

The Fujitsubo Headers, and 3 OER 45mm carburetors give a distinct sound you would wish to hear every day.

The InteriorDSC_0633.JPGThe interior of the Z is a timeless design, which Jeremy didn’t want to change too much. The steering wheel was upgraded to a leather wrapped Nardi Classic with a S.E.V. Marchal horn button. Bucket seats were installed for better support in sweeping corners, and a modern stereo was installed. Who doesn’t like listening to some nice classics while cruising down the California coast. The rest of the interior is period correct with all stock trim, door cars, and switches.DSC_0622.JPGAlthough the 240z was a beautiful car from the manufacture I cant help but love these modified Z cards. Especially with the tasteful upgrades seen on this build.

DSC_0638.JPGA sneak peak of our next feature story will be with Sergio Edell, and his Bluebird 1800 SSS Coupe. Stay tuned for more great content featuring these two car owners in the upcoming weeks.