Northern California has beautiful sceneries, good food, and nice cars; but where are the diverse car shows? Nor-Cal has a lot of classic car shows, but what is there for the Stance guys, the Muscle car guys or even the Drifters? A group of guys saw this lack and decided to do something about it. After what I imagine took intensive planning, Karmecca was born. This was the first Karmecca event and it went off with a bang.


It is truly a show for every car enthusiast where they made sure to include a variety of great builds; from drift, stance, exotic, and muscle. I’m sure everyone that went to this show enjoyed all the cars that were there. If you didn’t go, don’t worry! Sit back, scroll down and enjoy these photos.




Thanks for checking out my post and huge shout out to Karmecca for putting on such a great event! I will definitely be going to their next show.