How lucky can you really be to find a Datsun 280Z with near zero rust, with the L28 still in the car, and under $13,000? A Japanese classic that has become rare and popular over it’s 40 year+ life span? Sadly it’s almost near impossible in 2018 for most people unless you are just lucky.  Cory Grove, Owner and CEO of Veloce Apparel LTD, owns this beautiful 1978 Datsun 280Z. Cory must have been collecting rabbit feet all his life to find this Z.

Cory’s S30 is probably one of the cleanest 280Z’s I have seen in the last 2 years. I was lucky enough met Cory at Southern Roots 2K18 and all I can say about his Z is “Wow!”. The car has a really good classic feel to it and one of the best shaped Z’s I have seen. Just by taking a quick glance over the car in person almost anyone can tell you this is a gem. This Z is the example of condition you should try to find any Z if you have the cash to spend. The car is dang near perfect with little to no rust. Honestly with the condition it’s in it’s hard to believe that the owner bought it from a kid in California for under 12 grand. It really makes you think was this car bought from an angel who actually appreciates classics. From what the owner had explained to me the car was technically bought “pre-modded” and not changed much. It was already lowered with Random rims and the classic JDM fender flares you see on every other Z car, but the owner still put his own classic touches to this car. The car has a classic JDM and American look to it. Later I got to know Cory and asked him a few questions about his car. My first question to Cory was, “why Datsun?”. The owner told me, “Because no one else has one”. The 280Z is becoming harder and harder to find and more expensive to purchase. Cory has a rich background in owing a few other JDM cars From Subaru WRXs to LS swapped Nissan 240SX S14s. He said he wanted something with classic shape and charm and that’s what you get with a 280Z. The following question was, “Why 280Z over 240Z?”. The answer was that the 280Z is the heavier car. Why would you want a heavier car? Well for the 280Z the sub frames and other various suspension components was thicker than the little sister 240z. With that being said the 280Z overall handle more power than a 240Z. With the price he bought the car for he could have bought a fairly clean stock 240z but the owner states that he would have felt bad ruining a clean 240Z over modding this 280Z.


The purchased car came with the MSA Victory Wing and MSA Type 1 air-dam. The owner has also added fender mirrors, he repainted the JPN Garage ZG wide fender flares black (previous color was white), and installed a Chastain Shadow rear window louvers to the car. He also replaced the old wheel set up with Rota Grid v 16×9-15 wheels with TOYO R888Rs 245/45/16 tires. The wheels are bolted down with Gorilla automotive prism steel lug nuts. The car also now rides on BC RR-Type Coilovers. Rear suspension setup have also been upgraded with Apex Engineering Rear lower control arms and Energy Suspension front and Rear sway bar end Links. This car was built to be a street car but the setup could handle spirited back-road driving on back roads or Autox on the weekends.

Veloceapparelltd 2018


The interior is clean for a car it’s age. No cracked dash and as you can see the owner covered it with classy looking dash cover to protect the dash. A touchscreen Head unit with Kenwood Speakers also have been installed in the car. The steering wheel is a Villante Suede Steering Wheel with a MOMO center cap. I was shocked to find out that the seats are Honda S2000 AP1 Leather Seats. They look perfect in the car and over all real modern retro twist of interior. The car really over all gives the presence of a classic Grand Touring car. ENGINE MODS

This car doesn’t have some crazy LS swap (yet) or RB26DETT GT-R motor. It still has the carburetor L28 motor that came stock in this car new. Though that is the stock motor, the motor isn’t as stock as you may think. The motor has been upgraded with Clifford Intake Manifold, Holley 390cfm 4 Barrel Carburetor, MSA Headers, Custom 2.5 Inch exhaust, and a Champion 3-Row Radiator. Though the car isn’t heavily modded it’s still an upgrade to the stock motor to run better, stronger, and hopefully longer. Plus the car still has class beautiful sounds that it should have.



While interviewing the owner one of the more important questions was, “what are your future plans with this car”. He told me there isn’t much planned besides a LS swap for the car. Yea most Z purists will get instantly triggered from hearing a Z owner pulling a perfectly good L28 out of a 280Z. Right now the thought is haunting JDM purist fans who are reading this. I asked, “why an LS2 swap?”. You’d think the first reason why would be power. But it wasn’t power but balance and weight. With having a short block LS2 you are now shifting the center of gravity. By doing this the car has a better 50/50 weight distribution which leads to overall better handling to the car. The LS2 and L28 are with in the same weight but both motors make two different numbers in power. Yes we get that the LS motor is the cheaper route but in reality it isn’t. The owner is going to have to buy a LS swap kit or have the swap completely custom for the LS swap to happen. In retrospect it’s worth it for bettering the car though it breaks our fanboy hearts. Besides the motor transplant he is keeping the car the way it is and what’s not to like about the car? It has all the charms anyone could want in a Z and if not more. Either way I do wish the best of luck to Cory and his Z, and it may treat him good no matter what he does to the car. 


 Engine – Carb’d L28 with 5-speed gearbox
o Clifford Intake Manifold
o Holley 390cfm 4 Barrel Carburetor
o MSA Headers
o Custom 2.5 Inch exhaust
o Champion 3-Row Radiator
 Suspension/Brakes
o BC BR Type Coilovers
o Apex Engineered Rear Lower Control Arms
o Energy Suspension Front and Rear Sway Bar End Links
 Exterior
o MSA Type 1 Air Dam
o JPN Garage ZG Wide Fender Flares
o MSA Victory Wing
o Fender Mirrors
o Chastain Shadow Rear Window Louvers
 Wheels/Tires
o Rota Grid V 16×9 -15
o Toyo R888R tires 245/45/16
o Gorilla Automotive Prism Steel Lug Nuts
o 1 inch wheel spacers front and rear.
 Interior
o Honda S2000 AP1 Leather Seats
o Villante Suede Steering Wheel
o Momo Steering Wheel Hub
o Wooden Shift knob
o Touchscreen Headunit with Kenwood Speakers

~ KCH ~