What’s happening in the Datusn scene? Unless you live under a rock you’ve noticed, It’s changing and growing! In the 10 years that I have been into these cars I’ve seen so many new trends, new people and the scene and cars grow exponentially in popularity. I always think to myself “hey! I liked them before they were ‘cool’!” Some of you have been around for much longer, and can speak to what I’m saying much better than I can. With Datsun popularity on the rise in TV shows and on the auction block, we’re bound to see the appreciation for our cars grow with new faces in the groups and at meets, but is that a good thing? DPAN has over 30,000 members now, just a small clue that things are not what they used to be. A lot of you fear this, worrying that prices will go out of reach and the family feel of the scene will go away, but Canby Oregon is a perfect example of the fact that things don’t always change for the worse… sometimes it’s for the better.

      If you’ve been around Datsuns for any time at all you’ve probably heard about a little town in Oregon, Canby. Canby has become a Mecca for Datsun owners over the years and has probably one of the most well know Datsun focused car shows in the country. But why Oregon of all places? Because there’s Datsuns! The PNW is heaven for Datsun lovers, the cars originally came to port in Seattle and many didn’t stray far. Having grown up in a small town in Eastern WA, I can confirm, they’re everywhere. Oregon and Idaho are no exception, this is Datsun land. So what is it about this car show that’s so special, and how did this year compare to past years? In talking with DPAN lead photographer David Jernigan this week, one thing kept coming up over and over in our conversation: the family atmosphere. Despite the fact that this year was one of the biggest turnouts ever, everything was chill and relaxed. David was impressed by the organizer’s son who was walking around all day talking to people about cars. The mood was good and the event was great, despite the typical PNW rain. This year there were cars from all over the northwest and as far as Arizona. The diversity of Canby is what really makes this show shine, if it says Datsun it’s welcome at Canby. That means Z cars are not the only thing you’ll see. There’s 510s, 521s, 620s, 320s, 411s, roadsters, sunny’s, Cedric’s… pretty much everything. This year saw some extremely high-dollar builds, mixed in with daily driven ratsuns. One of the highlights of this year’s event was Peter Brock! Peter was there with his personal, ridiculous (in a good way), V8 powered 510. In my interview with David he said Peter was an awesome, down to earth kind of guy, who truly loves the scene and the cars. He could be seen talking to other owners and taking pictures of their cars.

     It’s good to know that while the scene is changing, the cars are becoming more valuable, the builds are becoming more expensive, and shows like Canby grow every year… One thing stays the same, and it’s probably the best thing, the close-nit family oriented feel. It’s what I love about the Datsun community, and I hope it never changes. This year’s Canby event points to a bright future.

Words by: Logan Neet

Photos by : David Jernigan

Editing by Logan Neet (Neet Perspective Photography)