It’s always great to see a different perspective on a Z, especially when you see one this thoughtfully considered and built. This 1972 240Z belongs to Jarrah Yousef, a Kuwait native who’s interest in buying and modifying classic cars led to this 1972 240Z after four years. Rare enough to find, until you find out it came with the original engine and rather great condition sky blue interior.

After Youssef took ownership of the car, he began the process of refurbishing 40 year old parts that were consumed by time and wear, while preserving the essence of the original car. HIs need for daily tractability meant the biggest change is to be found under the hood. Deciding to go with a stronger engine, Yousef chose the 3.2 liter RB25DE from a R32 Skyline GTS-25, adding a Haltech Platinum Pro ECU to handle engine management. Continuing his restoration, all the original wiring has been replaced with fresh copper. Handling the exhaust removal is a Fujitsubo Legalis Type R exhaust system, while the suspension has been upgraded with a suspension kit from Apex Engineering. Stopping duties are handled by a Wilwood brake kit, with a set of Work Equip 01 wheels surrounding them.

Overall, it has the exterior feel of a true classic, with a heart transplant adding excellent power-to-weight ratio you could ask for in a 2400 pound coupé. Detailing cars is an important task, especially with such a classic car like this, and one Yousef trusts to Adam’s Polishes, using the full care system to maintain the Kilimanjaro White paint.

Currently, Jarrah’s 240Z has participated in exhibitions in Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Oman, and Saudi Arabia, leaving him hopeful for a place at the Custom Show Emirates next March in Abu Dhabi, and the SEMA Event in Las Vegas . You can keep track of Jarrah Yousef and the status of his build on Instagram at @240Z_project.