Photo Nov 28, 7 34 37 AM (1) Building a Z is becoming a very desirable and quickly common car project and, in my opinion, too common. Everyone’s S30 coupe builds are starting to look alike with the basic louvers, Ebay carbon fiber fenders flares, widebody kits, and whatever popular wheels are out. It’s became a battle of let’s either be the Devil Z from Wangan Midnight or “let’s be JDM af bro”. Does it really take that much to be different? Or here’s a Better question, who’s willing to be different?  Well if you want to be truly different then maybe try something different. Maybe even try building the unloved black sheep, the 2+2? Lumii_20191209_144908792Photo Nov 28, 7 34 29 AM (1)Photo Nov 28, 7 34 28 AM (3)Photo Nov 28, 7 34 39 AM (4)Photo Nov 28, 7 34 38 AM (4) The Spark CT native Luis Rivera first saw a S30 Chassis when he moved to California and it was love at first sight. I’m sure it was a special moment for him. Kind of like seeing Becky in middle school and instantly falling in love. Yea she was kind of ugly but he saw possibilities. Since that moment he knew he had to have a Z in his life. So, like anyone else who sees a classic they want, you immediately try to find it on the internet. Him never seeing a Z before he ironically stumbled across a 2+2 for sell from a 19-year-old. Though not knowing the dislike for these cars, it was what he needed. first off it was a Z and a 4-seater since he owned an Honda S2000 at the time. So he got in-contact with the owner and bought the car from the kid and even got the kids Instagram handle for the car. basically, in a Kylo Ren voice he said he’ll finish what the kid had started and so far he did; even after finding out about the love and mostly hate for the 2+2 in the Datsun community. Photo-Nov-28-7-34-40-AM-1 The Body The car itself is a 1975 Dastun 280Z 2+2. The build approximately took about a year to finish which isn’t too bad. The front end is a 240Z swap (a more preferred) front bumper paired with clear signal lights. The front end is shaved down so no turn signals, no more of the iconic fender mirrors and in my opinion a good choice for the body lines. If you noticed in some of these pics shot by our lead Cali photographer Jesse Hernandez (@shinxdude) there is only one side view mirror. It’s an original 240Z side view mirror as well meaning JDM as heck bro. Reason why one mirror you may ask? Purely to keep the aesthetics of the design simple and clean. Also just not only for looks but it’s keeping the more original 240Z look which was the more cleaner Z aesthetically wise. One of the greatest features on the car in my opinion is the fender flares. I personally love the stock body lines of the Z especially the stock fenders but Luis’s Z has definitely opened up my eyes a bit. The car has custom flares molded onto the car done at SG customs. There is no other Z out there with these flares making this car even more special. With the less round more square flares they definitely compliment the 2+2’s overall body lines. The ducktail in the back is a Retro-Spec ducktail and honestly it finishes up this 2+2 making it period correct and purely Perfect. Even the custom green color is wonderfully 70’s and lovely. InShot_20191230_012152395 The Wheels & Springs The wheels are something you’d most likely won’t find unless you’re overseas. They are SSR Co-Pros with the specs of 16×10.5 in the front and 16×11.5 in the rear. As a self-gift to himself they were re-barreled and purchased from Love20Bee. The most interesting part is most def the center caps. They are in fact JDM though they look very So-Cal lowrider but either way it gives the car a pure Cali look. Although not much information on how the car is lowered but we do know it is lowered on EK Tein coilovers. For those who don’t know what an EK is, it’s a Honda Civic. Don’t ask me how but was told it was done with Love20bee’s So-Cal magic with a mixture of hopes and dreams. Either way it’s stanced beyond perfection. Photo Nov 28, 7 34 39 AM (3)Photo Nov 28, 7 34 37 AM (2)Photo Nov 28, 7 34 38 AM (1)Photo Nov 28, 7 34 37 AM (3)Photo Nov 28, 7 34 36 AM (2)Photo Nov 28, 7 34 38 AM (2) That’s all Folks That pretty much sums up this beautiful build. Love or hate the 2+2 I think we can all agree that this build is clean. This Z is period correct, stanced perfectly, and there isn’t any other 2+2 with this much thought and passion going into the build. Even still has the a L28 motor (Frankenstein F45 block and N47 head) in it. It being a 2+2 doesn’t stop it from being a Z and hopefully this will spark a bigger 2+2 culture in the future to come. Lumii_20191208_004017289 Special thanks to the beautiful Alenka Zoubkova (@alenkazoubkova) for modeling for the shoot and keeping it retro in this modern world. Also thanks to our Cali Lead Photographer Jesse Hernandez (@shinxdude) . This story was written by William Dickson @kentuckycarhunter Photo Nov 28, 7 34 25 AM (1)