Exploring around the Internet, as we usually do, looking for rides and models to shoot we came across the inevitable Blond Bombshell in the land of Hollywood stars.


After reviewing her diverse photo album we immediately booked her for an amazing shoot with the legendary DATZUNN 280Z in Downtown Los Angeles. Afterwards I had a chance to chat with her on the phone for an interview and learn more about the girl who’s smile is as bright as her personality.

DPAN GT “So tell us about yourself. What’s your name and where you from?”

AZ “My name is Alenka and I’m from Prague, Czech Republic, but I currently live in Los Angeles.”


DGT “What brought you to this mad house?”

AZ “I have lived in San Diego for a few years and I started missing living amongst artists again, so I decided to move to L.A.”

DGT “You picked the right place! What short of art you into? Dance? Visual? Music?”

AZ “I studied dance for 10 years and also I am a Fine Art graduate. I got used to that free thinking creative environment and now I’m instinctively searching for it in every city I live.”

DGT “Wait… you said ‘again’. So Prague is filled with artsy people too?”

AZ “Yes, absolutely! Prague has incredible architecture and amazing art scene.”

DGT “You seemed the artsy type from your photo album which is why we loved the idea of working with you for our shoot. Ballet poses and vintage clothing such as those 1960’s Mod boots was exactly what we needed for that 70’s style vibe.

What that in mind; Prouge and L.A. is a playground for you then?”


AZ “I’m happy you liked it! I was always passionate about combining dancing and art with modeling. And yes, Prague and Los Angeles are like two different worlds but both cities have a place in my heart.”

DGT “So how long have you been into the modeling scene and what’s your favorite whip to mob in when you’re cruising around L.A.?”

AZ “I started modeling when I was 16, so it has been quite a few years. I like working on unlikely and diverse projects, that will keep reminding me the reasons why I love my job so much. I prefer older cars. The retro look has always been my favorite and I love the crowd it attracts as well. It’s a completely different sort of people!”

DGT “Crap! I’m at this gas station in the hood and we getting robbed up in here.”

AZ “You’re living on the edge I see!”


DGT “More like making moves and dodging cops lol! Real quick how can peeps follow you on your websites and social media?”

AZ “My Instagram is @alenkazoubkova, that’s the easiest way to find me!”

DGT “Thanks Alenka for hanging out with us, we’ll be sure to follow your adventures on IG and looking forward to working with you again! Next shoot we’ll let you pick the theme. Any last words for the fans? … got a gun in my face. Gotta go!!”

AZ “Thank you DPAN GT for having me! And thank you to all the fans that keep supporting us along the way, your love is much appreciated. I will make sure the next shoot won’t be easy to forget. Go fight now!”


DPAN Diva: Alenka Zoubkova

Snaps by Jesse Hernandez

Words by Citizen Z