I Give it a 5/10 Max

The Datsun 510 is probably Datsun’s most “I can be anything” car. You’ve seen them built as drift cars, Socal Cruisers, SCCA Monsters, Track Whores, Touge Demons, and much much more unique projects. The car is so lightweight and easy to work on it has made a name for itself. From Dominating the SCCA circuit to being a semi rare gem. The little car could drag anyone in and make you grab one as a project and that’s what happened to Mr. Phil Blottie.



It all Started in 1996 when Phil bought his first 510 from a guy named Chris out in Rio Linda, California. Chris is that older guy who has a bunch of one car from that one year and has that part you need. His yard is basically a graveyard / donoryard (If that’s even a word?) and that’s where it all went downhill. Fast forward down the line of 11 years and 20 510s later Phil comes back to the land of the dead for a part and that’s when he sees it. Big Data song Dangerous starts playing and Phil falls in love with his current 510. Dirty Patina is what I personally nicknamed the car (Phil didn’t name it that, lil heads up). Reason why is because the car has that dirty raw look of an old race car and that is what the livery was based off of. This is one of the big reasons Phil even fell in love with the car. All because of the dirty old livery. Speaking of livery, where did it came from you may ask? Well where the livery originated and was applied was at the Bay Area Datsun Dealer Group which of course was A Datsun dealership in the San Francisco Bay Area. They had teamed up with a Company called FAR Performance to campaign a Datsun 510 in the SCCA Trans Am 2.5 Liter Challenge in 1971, and this was one of the cars they placed on their showroom floor to promote the racing effort. The actual race car is lost in time but this car has a real deal no modern replica of the livery. Yea it’s dirty but we like it and I’m sure you like it too. The poor thing was meant for glory and now it is been reborn to Glory.


Forgotten, Unforgotten, then Forgotten again to be Unforgotten

So the car was purchased and was left for months. Not on purpose but because Phil is a cool dude. He got other projects to deal with because well, he’s a cool dude. Later on Phil did get a message from a friend asking for any Datsun 510s for sell and I’m sure phill, him being the cool guy he is, remembered the poor little rusty thing out in the Donoryard. So him and his pal hopped in a truck with a trailer and the car gets moved to his new home to be slowly forgotten again. First it was dropped off at his friend’s house then at Sacramento’s Wyotech facility. At the time his friend was an instructor and the 510 was going to be built as a project by the students. Fast forward sometime again and the poor thing is on jack stands and forgotten till the campus closed. The car had to be picked up or it was going to be scrapped so Phil got his tuck and trailer then boom. The car was in his possession unforgotten once again.


It’s 5/10th a Datsun now?

Saturday is for the boys, right? You got a Datsun, alcohol, and a few friends so what do you do? You get the building that’s what you do. So, they get the 510 and drop it of at Miles (one of Phil’s buddies) place to get to working with fabrication. He starts cutting up the floor to customize frame parts for the car. The rear is still original 510 IRS and the front end was built around the 1994 Toyota Hilux front clip. The front clip was narrowed 4” from the stock Toyota width to ensure that the wheels would tuck without flares, and the IRS was mounted 5” higher than on a stock 510 to prevent excessive camber when the car is dropped on the ground. At this point the car is now bagged and dirt nasty low. So, with the suspension done that leaves one thing now.





An interesting craze has been going around and you may ask what it is? Well it’s rotary swapping. It’s like the opposite of LS swapping but it works. I’ve seen people rotary swap S13 chassis in Europe and I guess why wouldn’t you? Seems sacrilegious to swap a 13B into a Datsun 510 but is it really? Light weight car plus infinite RPM revs from a twin Dorito motor doesn’t seem bad on paper and isn’t bad at all in Reality. The plan was to build a normally aspirated SR20DE with a NEO-VVL head swap and ITBs ( which in my opinion is a sexy sexy idea ) but Phil started watching the YouTubes. He seen some Mad Mike videos of his x7 and Lord beholds a good deal popped up for him to buy a 1991 Rx7 13B motor. Do we hate him for doing this? Hell no, this thing sings and it’s unique. Everyone should know we are butt hurts for uniqueness and this is downright unique. I personally wouldn’t have done that but the idea behind it is actually pretty genius. The car wasn’t really built for sport driving but I’m sure it’s still darn fun to drive. I’m sure it handles like a dream with 0 effort and weight from the front end.



-1994 Toyota Hilux front suspension, narrowed 4”, custom upper and lower control arms, Bell Tech drop spindles, custom air bag and shock mounts
-Datsun 510 independent rear suspension, mounted 5” higher than stock
-R200 differential from a 280Z, welded spider gears
-Custom air bag and shock mounts
-All suspension parts painted and powder coated
-Slam Specialties SS6 air bags front and rear, QA1 adjustable shocks front and rear
-Air Lift 3H digital height control system, Seamless aluminum air tank, Viair 480C, custom aluminum air lines

Dat Body

-Stock white paint with dealer-applied “Trans Am” livery
-Bluebird Coupe tail lights with sequential turn signals
-“Rally” grille with fog lights
-Futofab BRE-style “spook”
-Shaved wiper holes
-Euro turn signals
-Bosch low and high beam lights with LED bulbs
-Customized blue and yellow California license plates


Twin Dorito specs

– Engine/Transmission
-13B rotary from 1991 Mazda RX7
-Stock S5 porting, fresh rebuild, fuel injection removed and replaced with Racing Beat intake manifold and Weber 48mm carburetor
-2” Gilmer belt drive for water pump and alternator
-Aluminum radiator with dual electric fans
-FC RX7 oil cooler with custom -10AN lines mounted under hood
-Ignition consists of 12A distributor, MSD 6AL2, and three MSD Blaster coils (one for each leading plug in direct-fire configuration)
-Custom-built stainless steel exhaust header and exhaust system- 2” primaries to 2.5” exhaust with Vibrant resonator
-Header and exhaust are heat wrapped to the rear suspension
-Turbo II transmission with Racing Beat 6-puck clutch assembly


HotBoi wheels

-BBS RS 15” wheels- 8” wide rear, 7” wide front
-Copper plated centers, polished lips and hexes
-Federal 165/50-15 tires



-Drilled and slotted Toyota front rotors, Wilwood 4 piston calipers on custom brackets
-300ZX rear rotors, twin Wilwood 2 piston calipers on custom brackets (one per wheel for foot brake with the other for hydraulic handbrake)
-Custom-made floor mount pedal assembly with adjustable front/rear bias
-Stainless braided brake lines throughout


The Boot

-Bare metal bead rolled and clear coated floor
-Custom fuel cell mounted in floor- frame wraps around cell for protection
-Holley Blue fuel pump with billet filtration before and after pump
-6AN fuel lines
-Optima battery sunken into floor


The Inside

-Twisted Images hydraulic handbrake with Wilwood master and Vans BMX grip
-Air ride controller mounted in radio bezel (no point in having a radio with a car this loud!)
-Aluminum door panels
-Roll cage tied into chassis



-Nardi wood grain steering wheel, Speedway collapsible steering column
-Short throw shifter, ball shift knob with line lock button


-Bare metal bead rolled and clear-coated floor and firewall
-Recaro seats from MK2 Jetta
-Corbeau 4-point harnesses
-Stock dash with Defi digital gauge package


That’s About It, The Other 5/10Th Of the Story

We can agree that phil’s 510 is something we can appreciate. It’s bagged, swapped with a unique motor, and it’s owned by someone that not only loves his car but has a passion for it. The car has the owners personality all over and built with his purpose of cool. A lot of people build their cars for internet fame and clout but phil built this car from his heart. Again, uniqueness is Key and this is definitely unique and up to par with DPAN’s Standard. IF you don’t trust our opinion on the car then maybe talk to Air Lift Performance because they displayed this very 510 at the 2016 Sema Show in Vegas. We Hope that this car stays on the road forever and We Thank Phil for loving Dirty Patina cars.

SNAPS BY J.C. Martinez

WORDS BY William Dickson