Well hello 2020 I think we had enough of you. We are all on the edge of freedom from being put on house arrest by Covid-19. Even though with all that’s been going on we are finally here to give you what you have been sort of waiting for. Not too long ago we have done a shoot with our friend John Boggs who owns a beautiful blue G-nose s30 280z. So, with a special car we had to make the shoot special right? How can you make a shoot more special with an already special car and beautiful scenery? Of course, get a model for the shoot. After a few searches, DM’s, and talking we somehow got Victoria Loren to model for us! IF you don’t know who she is then well google is free. We always use real models of course but this is a little different, a little more special. So, with such an important shoot that has been anticipated by us at Dpan I don’t think any of us knew how Special this was going to turn out. Victoria was more than perfect for the G-nose shoot for many reasons. Her personality, beauty, and over all way she holds herself is so similar to such a hotrod of a Z she was modeling on. But the moment you long been waiting for is to get to know her a little better. Here’s the rundown on some of the questions we asked Queen Victoria.





DGT: So Victoria, Where are you from and how you ended up in Oklahoma? Hopefully it wasn’t the tornadoes Right?

Victoria: Well I’m Originally from Kansas, I moved to Missouri for 8years and went to cosmetology school. I got married and divorced LOL and after that I decided to move to Oklahoma. Had a lot of people I knew here and been here for about 7 years now.

DGT: Well I have a feeling you aren’t in Kansas anymore! So a question I’m sure is obvious to ask you but what got you into modeling?

Victoria: I Got into modeling because I was doing hair at an event in ST. Louis and they wanted me in a couple of shots. Ever since they I have been addicted to it and now the rest is history.


DGT: Alright that’s cool! If I could turn my photography career into modeling that would be nice. though I’m sure the masses wouldn’t find me as pretty as you! Obviously, us at Dpangt are all car guys so I have to ask you your all-time dream car?

Victoria: My Dream car would have to be a 1965 Ford Mustang Fastback that’s red with white racing stripes.

DGT: ohhhh sick that’s one of my dream cars as well! I need a john Wick mobile. Any particular reason why a Mustang?

Victoria: I had a 07 mustang at one point and an ex of mines had a 66 mustang that he use to drag race. It just a good old American Dream car.


DGT: I think the mustang is probably was once every kid’s dream car. However, us at Dpan specialize in Datsuns and Nissans. So, would there be any Datsuns or Nissans you would like to maybe own some day?

Victoria: I mean I dig the Datsun look. If I got one it probably would have to be a 240z.

DGT: Ahhh, a 240z. A lady of class I see! So my last question for you is how did the shoot went and of course would you love to shoot with us Again!

Victoria: I Thought the shoot went great actually! The owner of the Datsun was super pumped about it and I loved all the Good energy. Also, Yes of course I’m down for anything in the future.





DGT: That’s what we love to here! Well Thanks again for shooting with us and we highly appreciate you taking the time to come out. Obviously, we’ll think of something soon that you can be apart of in the future. We look forward to working with you again!

Special thanks to theZ owner John, The photographer JC Martinez , And Special Thanks To Queen Victoria!