When you hear the term Hotrod most people think of an American Muscle Car. However, here’s a question for you guys! Can a JDM car be a hotrodder? In my opinion I say it can and John’s 280Z is definitely a good example of one. The car screams 70’s, babes, racing, and all out anarchy. I can already hear the rock music and smell gasoline 10 states away. The car is something that represents the American vision of the 280Z G-nose if we had gotten it. Yes, the G-nose (Datsun Fairlady ZG) was something Japan released only and limited quantity for homologation in Group 4 racing. Just imagine if an American racing team did get their hands on one to build! The thing would be running on blood, sweat, tears, moonshine, and gasoline.




Mysterious Past, New Future

Normally this is the part of the story where I begin to tell you how the car was purchased and built but there’s just one problem. The car was already built. Not saying our friend John Boggs didn’t put any work into it what so ever but the car already had the G-nose swap and widebody kit. This car is literally open to the imagination. Close your eyes and just think of why, what, and how this car came about. The body style is so American Touring and the wide fenders are similiar to what American track cars looked like. It reminds me of the widebody Porsche that was the main Character’s car in the movie King Of The Mountain (sorry I use this movie as a reference a lot). So honestly if you have any history on the car please Contact us (via Instagram, facebook, something please)! MY personal Instagram is @kentuckycarhunter so let me know! I can just imagine this car being used for SCCA race events or even mountain time trial events such as Attack Of The Dragon. It’s something about the mystery of a car that makes it such an arousing thought. Kind of like “where money has seen and been” but with a car. Either way it’s something we leave as a tease for you to lust your little imagination’s hearts content untill we get more information!




OK But How Did He Get The Car Jack!

Sorry about my fanboy rant on the car’s mysterious past but it had to be said. I can’t tell you the origins of the car but I can tell you the not so far distant past of the car and about John as a fellow Datsun Enthusiast! Well John isn’t new to owning Datsuns or any Z cars, he’s been around the block. His first actual Z was purchased back in 2003. It was a 1991 300ZX Z32 that was NA, automatic and yea it was a basket case but it still was a Z. He eventually did get the car of his dreams which is a 1972 Datsun 240z that he’s still working on till this day. Something I hope he do finishes soon because we need to see both S30s together ASAP! Anyway the car that you actually came to read about Is a 1978 Datsun 280Z that has been widebodied with 240Z G-nose conversion. If you don’t know anything about the Datsun Fairlady ZG, well google exists. Please look it up and you won’t be disappointed of it’s sexiness. John never really liked the G-nose front end but it grew on him after a few years of seeing them. Eventually, as we all scout the internet for cars, he came across the car he now owns today. He went too see the car, drove it around the block , and said to himself “welp it’s coming home with me”. He did the basic tune ups and ultimately lent it to his mom to drive around for about 6 months. Once he got it back it had to be changed ASAP! The car had some weird 80s Porsche wing (that’s probably in a scrap yard now ) and 80’s style mirrors that had to go immediately.




The wing was replaced with a three-piece IMSA style spoiler giving it that JDM / SCCA racing vibes. The newer mirrors are Motorsport Auto side mirrors. He then took the car down to bare metal sanding it and painting it the current blue you see. Why blue we asked? Well his answer was why not blue? I really Doubt he knew about the whole Legendary Anime Wangan Midnight but its funny knowing he made his own little Devil Z. He was considering All black and even a silver version but the blues plauged his mind and that’s what he went for. Just knowing he wasn’t trying to copy the devil Z makes this choice of blue even more sexier.


Well I mean it’s a 280Z! So it’s an L28 obviously in it. The mods though are cone filter intake setup, Deatschwerks 250il fuel pump, Aeromotive regulator, braided fuel lines, custom fuel rail, polished intake with several deletes, and an unknown brand header. Just that list really makes it sound like a SCCA car. John did say soon he will be installing a Mishimoto Radiator and coolant lines. Keeping her nice and cool for those backroad drives.


Chassis and Body Stuff

Well the chassis/interior mods are rear strut bar, kicker speakers, and a Momo steering wheel. It’s Simplicity at it’s finest because why’d you’d need more? The exterior mods are molded in fiberglass flares bumper delete. Molded in brake duct vents. Shaved drip rails, and G-nose front end, headlight covers, IMSA style spoiler, and MSA mirrors 240Z hood that might be replaced soon with a 1977-1978 280Z hood with Retrospec vents.

We Are At The End Of Our Tale.

The best comment the owner made was “A lot of it was predone but i gave it a hell of a spitshine on her”. He’s honest and that’s good. Yes, there isn’t much information we can give on the cars past but who cares. I rather imagine a great story and let my imagination take me into a deep as hell rabbit hole than to know some boring story. Let your imagination lead you with this one. Also let this be an example of buying pre-moded cars isn’t a bad or a contriversial thing. You can still make it your own and now that the owner bought the car it’s his story now. The car is special in its own way and hopefully someday we may learn of it’s but untill then it’s the Hotrod from the Rising Sun.

Special Thanks to Victoria Loren for modeling with us and our Photographer Jc Martinez . Also Special thanks To John and his G-Nose Z for giving us a dream come true at DPAN GT.