So Nissan’s move to release the Z Proto / 400Z / 420Z concept car as both a physical car and digital render was pretty slick. Think about it; instead of waiting for the actual car to go into production we get to see what aftermarket manufacturers and designers can create with the car NOW by modifying the 3D renders in the meantime.

We live in an age where we no longer have to wait 2, 3 years to see if a concept car will look good or not with aftermarket parts; as in the case with BRAD BUILDS @bradbuilds who cranked out this mad 3D render of the “420Z” suited in a wide body kit on black BBS wheels. Tell us what you think about this render and the new Nissan Z in general. And check out BRAD BUILDS other builds in the link below and keep an eye out for more concept renders like this coming from other creatives on the ‘Gram.

Render by BRAD BUILDS @bradbuilds

~ Citizen Z ~